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20170412 part 2

20170411 Krossfire : Lohes & Crew review Wolverine & Kong

Lohes takes over the wheel of the show. Jun Sern and Shan are thrown in the backseat. Giri, Shereen and Sharin are strapped in for the ride. Two movies are up for review. Wolverine and Kong. Let’s see what goes down.

Valentines Day 2017

20170222 Krossfire 49 : Valentine’s Day 2017

Jun Sern and Shan along with their co-hosts Shereen, Kevin and Lohes talk Valentine's Day
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20170125 Krossfire 48 : Guilty Gear x3rd

Guilty gear character profiles stink
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20170116 Krossfire 47 : 2017 Movie Previews [Part 2]

Krossfire 47 2017 Movie Previews [Part 2] Shan and Junsern along with their co-hosts Shereen and Lohes previews the movies …

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201701090 Krossfire 46 : 2017 Movie Previews [Part 1]

Shan and Junsern along with their co-hosts Shereen and Lohes previews the movies that will be coming out in 2017.
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20161230 Krossfire 45 : Krossfire’s 2016 Review

The end of 2016 is here and we at Krossfire would like to jump on the bandwagon and give our …

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20161209 Krossfire 44 : X-Force Script Reading 4

The final journey of the X-Force script reading show with Shan and Jun Sern along with co-hosts Kevin, Lohes, Han, …

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