How Girls Watch Football

Gutted that the football season is over? Are you a major football fan but your …

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Grace, Khairy Jamaluddin, Gowri and Arlene

Interview With Khairy Jamaluddin, Malays

DurianAsean speaks with Khairy Jamaluddin, Malaysia’s Minister of Youth about ASEAN Integration and its impact …

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Capture 4

Young Malaysians explaining GST for the

DurianASEAN interviews 4 young Malaysians to explain about GST for the first time.

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SE03-59 Christian Music: His Single Rele

Hosts : Arlene & Grace Guest: Christain Theseira - Producer/Singer

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SE03-58 Universiti Malaya, The Rise of T

Hosts : Arlene & Grace Guest: Vince Tan - Secretary General, Progressive University of Malaya

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SE03-57 Dogs and Friday Prayers: So Isla

Hosts : Arlene & Gowri Guest: Suri Kempe - Program Manager, Sisters In Islam

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SE03-56 Music Development in Malaysia

Hosts : Arlene & Grace
i. Bihzhu – Singasong Writer
ii. Az Samad – Educator & Performer
iii.Jennifer …

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SE03-55 Post Budget 2015 – Review

Hosts : Gowri & Grace
Guest : Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd. Sheriff Mohd. Kassim – President …

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SE03-54 Post Budget 2015, The Generation

Hosts : Arlene & Grace Guest : Megat Hanis - Student, International Islamic University Malaysia

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